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what the hell!!! i hate this world anymore. and i'm not a hateful person, it's pretty sad when the world or at least the people in it make you become evil. sometimes i wonder why i'm even alive, i ask myself everyday "what did i do to deserve this." went to go talk about the 6 month smile plan. over $3400. me and my dad came out and got into the car. he started to cry! i hated it. it was the worst thing ever. i hate this world, i hate this government, i hate the rich people who can afford crap. then theres the really hard working citizens who work their asses off and don't get a damn thing in return.i know that the rich people work hard to, but not everyone has the money or the brains to get themselves into college. then there is the lazy ass bums who get paid and aren't even injured or on some kind of disability but get big fat checks from the goverment, and where does the money come from? oh thats right HARD WORKING CITIZENS!!!
i wonder everyday of my life, thinking how can i get a job when you need fucking experience and they wont teach you, how can i help pay the bills and make sure my family doesn't end up on the streets again! there's nothing. why is everything going so wrong in this world. why isn't life fair. i used to think, don't worry, love is what really matters and you can stay together. now i know thats just bullshit. you need money in this world or they'll cast you off like worthless creatures. no one cares for us anymore. if so, how come so many people are suffering. where is the justice in that? why isn't anyone helping.?.

sometimes i just hate life. i feel my heart becoming black.
i feel like the innocence is going away, and i don't know if it'll come back.
i hear my family cry everynight, and i ask, "why is this happening, i wish i can help, but God what am i suppose to do. i'm just a kid."
my heart aches so much right now. i wish it would get better, but the only way to make it better is to have the money so my family wont yell at me or call themselves worthless or wont think about killing themselves. so they'll have a life.
from yours truly,
stressed out dork.~



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