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Not Anymore

an arguement happened between us, life is just getting to hard to bear. you keep the positives, i keep the negatives. while we try to find a place to live, we stay in a cheap crappy hotel. almost a month and nothing good has happened. i try to pray and hope everythings gonna be alright but not anymore. i try to believe the fact that we're just going through another rough patch, but really were just another homeless family trying to make ends meat. when a teenager can't even get a low paying job in zanesville ohio, you know theres no hope for the adults. people are living these lives, as well as i am but they don't really pay attention to what really goes on.
i have a mother who tries in the world to do what she can for me. i have a dad who pays more attention to his wife and princess of a dog than me. i wanna go to portland oregon, but he doesn't want me to go to college there, i'm running out of time, tomorrow is the due date for my tuition fee for them to hold the spot. he doesn't want to help. my mom can't help, her last job as a nurses aid wouldn't pay any new workers. everyday i have to put on a smile to hold whats inside of me. bc my mouth can get me into trouble, to where people just wanna leave or just want you dead. i hurt myself at night to relieve the pain but before i know it, there will be nothing else left to hurt cause i wont be alive. i need help
God i'm truely sorry but why are my family, why am i, being put through life like this. we was just some average family who tried, yea we were homeless then and there but we made it, but now it's gone, we live on the streets with nothing to wear nothing to eat. we need your help God. i know we can't make it on our own.



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