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Disrespectful Children

okay well, not much has happened, same old same old, well for me anyways. still looking for a home....just can't find one. again zanesville ohio sucks, never come here, you'll be making a huge mistake! jobs are letting people go, i see more and more girls at highschool get pregnant and throw their lives away, i'm 17 and they're younger than me! kids are getting so disrespectful these days, its not even funny! this little freshman started to get smart with me and my friends, he better watch out or he'll be shorter than he is already. -sorry- but anyways parents! don't be afraid to disapline.(sp) my mom wipped me, (hand, pattle, belt, switch)& we know better than to talk back! i hear so many kids say "well if my parents try to hit me, i'm calling children services!" who gives a Damn! my mom said, "i'll call them for you, and you can tell them the beating i'm giving you now!" now thats parenting. i respect her for being hard on me. she's my best friend, and i couldn't live without her. now i'm not saying beat the crap out of them to where they are so scared that they won't tell you anything or they end up in the hospital, but show them that you mean buisness and that you want respect.!. my aunt and her husband are taking car of her grand-child bc the kid's mom is a crack-head, well she is terroble, she gets under her uncles skin, well everyones, and she does it on purpose, but she knows better than to mess with me or my mom, cause i will show her what discapline is all about. i like some kids, but her, NOPE! she's awful and her step-grand-dad lets her get away with things. how can you do that! he turns the other cheek when she does something wrong! and my aunt never used to be like this, allowing this to happen. she had 5 boys, 1 girl and she never had to have a chance to raise her daughter, but her boys turned out great, the daughter was raised by a good adoptive parents but she just got messed up, and everytime she got pregnant(like 7 times) the kids ended up having something wrong with them(cause she did crack while being pregnant). 4 are alive, 3 was born dead. and the little girl is so bad that she's gonna end up like her mom if she doesn't straighten up her act. let that child spend a month with me, my mom knows better cause the child well.....but she's that disrespectful and she's only 5. she doesn't do anything but tear up the house and blame it on others. when i was 5, i did the dishes and cleaned. mopped the floors, took care of the dog, stayed at the dinner table and had to finish ever ounce of my food even if i don't like it. me and my brothers did what a stay at home mom would do, but me and brandon couldn't cook just yett, anthany could but not us. =P mom and her ex-husband was always at work but did a good job of teaching us how to respect them, and respect others. if we did something wrong, it was a paddle, then corner, standing there a very long time with our heads against the wall(i fell asleep standing up one time too) then if the thing that we did was really bad, the paddle was even harder and grounded.
NOW parents, i'm not telling you how to do your job but when the time comes make sure your kids don't walk all over you. i'm hoping this may help you out a little. cause trust me when the child starts to act bad, they think they can get you into trouble and try to say that you beat them when you didn't touch them and then they'll get beatup when they meet the wrong person in school, even at the young age. trust me, elementry there was always fist fights. middle school girls were pregnant, high school kids do it both but worse. it's a lose lose situation unless you take control, but like i said don't hurt them bad enough to where they rather be on the streets than be with you or that they end up in the hospital, then you can go to jail. help them survive in this world. teach them right from wrong. and i thank every day that my mom was tough on me, i have so much respect for her. C:

with love,
a stressed out dork.*



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