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Senior Year

Wow. looking back on life, it's been a weird experience. we all wish we was famous and have the life we never had, i know. i want a life like that, still doo, but i will never give up some of the experiences i had throughout my life. alot of them i wish i could change.
if i could change anything, well not twisting my teeth when i was little cause now they are crooked, yea no money to fix them. i would tell my mom to bring my great aunt to our house for us to take care of her, so she wouldn't of died and my mom would still have her 2 jobs, then we wouldn't have to worry about being homeless all the time.

sometimes i wish i was famous(again i said this) but i really do, my family wouldn't be strggling, and i love my friends to death but we're just not as close as we used to be anymore. i could never have them come to my home (when we used to be tight) bc i didn't have the kind of stuff they did, my home was boring, my family didn't have the money like theirs did. if i was famous, maybe like these disney stars, i would have amazing friends. sometimes i feel so alone anymore.

i just do my own thing now, i stay in my room, exercise, trying to lose that feaking 50lbs i gained. i don't even understand how i gained it all. i'm just going to have to go online and order the real diet pills. i can't stand being this big, i feel like a huge blimp, i just want to kill myself. i hate it so much, and i've always been self concious about my body, i'm trying to lose the wait but nothings working. i gained the weight within 3 short months. and i only eat once a day, and it's barely a meal. i exercise like oince or twice a day. in my senior pictures i look like a whale. i need your help, please tell me what to do.

one good thing happened this month, we got a home. a wonderful home. i can have my dogs back again. i haven't seen them in OVER A YEAR!

well anyways i got to go, work sunday, trying to raise money for college, which is expensive $86 grand.
i need to practically go anorexic to be able to lose the weight i gained. l need to freaking find a british author for my senior paper'
ughhh i hate school!     I NEED YOUR HELP!!! with LOSING WEIGHT;  FINDING a way to RAISE MONEY for COLLEGE. and FINDING A BRITISH AUTHOR(has to have a lot of criticism from that literary criticism site. 12 page report. 6 pages of criticism!!! no i can't spell right, and i don't feel like spell checking. ;p




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